Ways To Make Money Working Abroad This Summer

Working abroad this summer can be a great option if you want to earn money and live an international experience. It is not only an option to earn money, but it also provides other benefits such as perfecting a language, experiencing the country’s culture, making contacts, gaining experience, meeting new friends or developing personally, and much more.

It is obvious that deciding to go abroad during the summer is not so easy, choosing what to do or where to go can be quite complicated. To do this, we have prepared this guide that will provide you with all the information about the opportunities you have to earn money working abroad this summer.

However, for people who have been waiting for these kinds of opportunities all their lives, they should be pumped to leave their home country to work abroad in the summer. Who wouldn’t love to live in another country, work and make money? However short the period may be, I want to do that, and I have a list of countries in mind too.

Working Abroad

Requirements For Working Abroad

 Remember that to work abroad, you must take into account the country you want to travel to and your nationality. It is very important to know what type of work permit you need before embarking on the adventure.

For example, if you are or a member country of the European Union, you have the free right to move and work in any of the countries belonging to the EU. You will not need a work permit.

If you are traveling in Europe, remember to bring the European Health Card.

Types Of Summer Work

There are many options for summer work abroad.

During the summer months, the number of jobs demanded increases, but above all, there are certain sectors where you can access a greater number of opportunities; jobs in tourist centers, pubs, restaurants, establishments in tourist areas, teaching or tutoring, agricultural worker, camps, seasonal worker.

Find A Summer Job Abroad

Below you will find information about the different options that are available so that you can access a job this summer abroad.

Volunteer Abroad

Although they are not paid jobs, you still have all the benefits that we told at the beginning of the article. Besides, there is a lot of variety and destinations that you can select, and of course, you will be contributing your grain of sand helping the community.

volunteer abroad

There is volunteering of all kinds; social, cultural, with animals, volunteering on farms.

Summer Camps

The summer camps abroad have always been a great alternative to spending time in another country, learn, meet people, and have fun. There are many destinations that you can select to work in a summer camp abroad, from Ireland, the United Kingdom to the United States, or you prefer Italy.

Temporary Jobs

 There is a lot of work in Europe and other destinations in the world to collect fruits and vegetables during the summer. For example, in France, there is the French harvest during September. In France, you can also collect other products such as apples, melons, kiwis.

Another option will be strawberry in England and Denmark or farm work in Switzerland.

Internship Abroad

Why not take advantage of the summer to do an internship abroad. A great option to improve your personal and professional skills, in addition to generating income. Many practices are remunerated.

If you are looking for an experience to expand your resume and professional future, doing an internship is one of the best options. Most large companies offer summer internship programs, but you can also use platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed, to find more opportunities.

Job Offers Abroad

The opportunities to access a job abroad during the summer, especially in areas related to tourism, are also high. To do this, you should not miss the employment opportunities that appear in Robert Half or similar websites

Every day new calls and information appear to work in hundreds of destinations.

Work at Amusement Parks

There are dozens of amusement parks around the world. Only in Europe, there are hundreds of them. In these companies, you can find work in the summer.

Work at Amusement Parks

Take Care of Houses

How about spending the summer looking after houses around the world. This is called housesitting, and it is a good way to travel abroad.  

Take Care of Houses

We hope that this summer you find what you are looking for and can live the experience of working this summer abroad. 

Finally, I want to ask everyone reading this: have you ever worked abroad? If you have, share the work you did and how you got it with us.

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