Best Countries To Study English Abroad

When looking for a country to study English abroad, you can choose between different destinations, everything will depend on your priorities, objectives, which country you like best, travel distance, budget, language schools, etc. Of course, studying English abroad will bring you many benefits for your professional future as a person, if you have the opportunity, do not miss it.

Today, having knowledge of English is essential to apply for a large number of jobs. But it is not only essential to work. Globalization, the internet, traveling, discovering the world, communicating with other people, understanding, you will have realized how fundamental it is to know languages, and above all, English.

One of the great options when it comes to learning a language is taking a course at a language school abroad.

You can study languages ​​in any destination in the world, there are schools in many places and also, studying languages ​​in a school abroad is a great idea to travel to another country and to know different destinations while you are acquiring linguistic knowledge, and in turn, you practice the language on a daily basis while living in the city or destination of your choice.

Best Countries To Study English Abroad

Best Countries To Study English Abroad

If you want to learn English at a Language School abroad, you have to know which are the best destinations and for this, here we have compiled a list of the most chosen cities by students from all over the world to study English abroad.

The United Kingdom (U.K.)

It is the world’s preferred destination for studying English. Attracted by different factors such as its academic reputation, the variety of study locations (London, Bristol, Leeds, Scotland, Wales, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle).

The birthplace of Shakespeare’s language, it offers a wide range of academics, courses, and other opportunities to learn English with a British touch.


Ireland is a charming country that offers many alternatives. In addition, having large cities with a great urban movement (Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Belfast), it is also a good destination for those who love nature.

Like the United Kingdom, this country is another destination to learn English and have great travel experience at the same time.

The United States of America (U.S.A.)

The United States is another of the great countries to study English abroad. In most cities in the United States, you can find Language Schools to study English. A very appropriate destination for students who want to cross the Ocean and learn about American culture from within.

In this country, you can find language schools in all the States. However, English students are attracted to some destinations such as New York, California, Hawaii, Washington, Boston, or Florida.

Of course, to study in the United States, you have to meet a series of requirements such as a valid passport and process the corresponding visa at the embassy at least 6 weeks before traveling.


Studying English in Canada is a unique experience that will be accompanied by a journey like no other. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world and one of the best destinations to live, according to U.N. Traveling to Canada to study English is sure to become a unique adventure.

Study English Abroad

The most popular cities to study English in Canada are Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.


It is one of the most economical countries to study English. A destination located in a privileged enclave in the Mediterranean, where pleasant temperatures accompany much of the year.

ST Julian’s, St Paul’s Bay, Sliema, Gozo, Valletta are some of the cities you can choose to study an English course at a Maltese academy.

Malta is an ideal destination if you want to study English in Europe in a country where the official language is English.


In recent years, Australia has become another of the most popular English study countries. In this country, you can find a great academic offer, some of the best universities, dozens of accredited English schools, etc.

If you are traveling for less than three weeks, you can be on a tourist visa, but if you are going to spend more time in Australia, you must obtain a student visa. In addition, this visa allows you to work during and after studies.

The Caribbean

Surely, this destination is very striking for many of the readers. Being able to study English in the Caribbean should be like going on vacation to paradise. White sand beaches, coconut trees, and relaxed life. An incredible destination to learn English that not everyone sees.

In the Caribbean, there are different English-speaking countries where you can study English in one of its academies, or simply, living a season in the country doing a volunteer, for example, Barbados. More and more people are using this destination to learn English and have a good time.


Cheap, exotic, different, and unique. Large cities in India offer good opportunities to study English. In other smaller cities, you will surely not find people who speak this language. However, studying English in India is a great opportunity to travel and discover this destination.

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