About Us

Travla.info is dedicated to providing detailed and timely information for all Africans on the subjects of immigration, studying abroad, working abroad, and scholarship opportunities.

Opportunities abound to Africans to immigrate to countries like Canada and Australia to live amazing lives. Also, there are many opportunities that are available to internationals to come to study and work in countries like Canada, Germany, the UK, Australia, Norway, etc.

Although these opportunities are out there for the taking, many people don’t know about them. At Travla.info, we are making it our mission to get the pieces of information and provide them in consumable form. We intend to provide them in a timely manner too.

We are based in Lagos, Nigeria and we are especially creating these contents for Africans. However, we believe that people from other parts of the world can also use this information.

If you are interested in immigration, traveling abroad, studying abroad and scholarship awards, start reading our contents now. If you think the process is daunting and cannot do it yourself, you can use our contact form to schedule an information session.