5 Things No One Ever Told You About Miami

You may believe that Miami is just about the beach, shopping, and expensive cars. But the truth is that this city has much more to offer than you imagine.

Miami is a city where foreigners abound who come dreaming of a better place. It is also one of the most visited beach areas in the world, and one of the favorite destinations of those who visit the United States. 

How Much Do You Really Know About Miami?

Besides that, it is a city with a beach, fun, a lot of shopping and expensive cars. Do you have more information about it? In this article, we will tell you some of the things that surely nobody had told you about Miami and will make you start to love it. These are beautiful places that will title your fancy that you would make them a must-see the next time you visit Florida or the United States.

Things No One Ever Told You About Miami

Miami Beach: In Addition To Beach, Beautiful Architecture

Miami Beach is perhaps the best-known area of ​​Miami. It is the beautiful beaches that are the first thing to attract tourism. Furthermore, the best-known point from Miami Beach is South Beach, where the sea is shallow (ideal for beginner surfers and children), which is located in the south of the island. But in the rest of Miami Beach, there is also a lot to see and do. For example, enjoy its incredible Art Deco architecture, a lot of buildings built between the 20s and 40s. Pastel colors, curves, and skylights make up an exceptional climate, that you fall in love as soon as you enter its streets.

Miami Beach

Modernity And Retro Coexist

Continuing with the data for lovers of architecture, the Miami Modernist architecture (MiMo) is also vital. The neighborhood unifies its post-war architecture, with austere lines, with a more colorful and ornate design, where nods to the space age and futurism abound.

Miami Modernity and Retro

Thus, retro and modern coexist, between motels, businesses, and restaurants, in a proposal suitable for all budgets. It’s the must-see place forever dreamed of staying at a classic US roadside motel.

You Can Find The “Miami Design District.”

For design enthusiasts, Miami also has something to entertain them with. The Design District concentrates all innovation in design, fashion, and architecture, which is why they call it “Miami Design District.”

Miami Design District

Watch, jewelry, decoration, and other businesses have in common striking windows, multi-story buildings, modern facades, art, and a striking visual message wherever you look at it.

Street Art Also Has Its Space

Don’t think that only luxury takes place in Miami. Street art expressions also find their space in this great city, and many of them are concentrated in the Wynwood neighborhood. This was a forgotten neighborhood of textile warehouses until, in 2009, an entrepreneur named Tony Goldman decided to move his offices there. As a street art lover, Goldman saw the windowless walls of neighborhood buildings and thought they were perfect for graffiti.

Miami Street Art

So it was that overnight, the old gray district was transformed into a veritable riot of color called the Wynwood Walls, an outdoor walk that brings together the best graffiti artists in the world.

There Is Also A Hippie Neighborhood

Finally, the most bohemian of all should not miss passing through Coconut Grove, Miami’s hippie neighborhood. This neighborhood is popular for its super green parks and its marinas on Biscayne Bay, but what makes it unique is the magic that brings together ancient architecture with today’s eclectic rhythm.

Miami Hippie Neighbourhood

If all big cities have a neighborhood preferred by artists and intellectuals, so was Coconut Grove for the city of Miami. With its jungle vegetation and its peacocks strolling everywhere, in the 70s, it was the destination of hippies who came to camp freely in their parks and wastelands. It is an ideal neighborhood to walk it, eat on its streets, enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

So the next time you come to Miami, there is much more to you can enjoy aside from the popular beach. Take note of these other destinations and show them off to others. Enjoy Miami the usual way and you would thank yourself that you made that decision. 

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